I'm new to this group, but would like to say hello. I'm hoping to find useful information here.  My nephew (dda son) was involved in a severe car accident which caused injury to his brain. His brain swelled and they had to take a piece of his skull out until the swelling went down.  Fortunately, after many moths of rehabilitation, he came out of it well considering how bad the accident was.  He can walk and talk, but suffers from depression.  The docs have in on medicine.  My sister and I are trying to find out if there are any activities that people could suggest for her son.  They live in a very small town and he doesn't have very many friends.  He does ride his bicycle and 4-wheeler which gets him out of the house for a while, but he needs something more.  What types of activities do you do?

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Hi Loriannmac3,

    Good question!!  What I did for my son was put him back on a routine schedule as if he were little.  At first he slept a lot which I didn't understand at first, but now realize it was from the TBI.  All the noise, the questions, etc. made him exhausted.   I haven't found my son's activity specific, but he works a little on his car which he used to like a lot, he loves to garden and work in the yard.  I taught him how to cook and he likes doing that.  He doesn't read much because he can't remember what he's read but he tries.  His social life is mostly playing with his P3 and talking to others.  He doesn't socialize like he used to and seems to stay to himself.  He doesn't really like much, so its hard.  Keep trying to find something he likes, puzzles, a game, etc. things like that.  I hope something works, you just have to keep trying, and be ever so patient. 

Take the best of care its not an easy road, but I'm sure its not for them either.

what a great update! congrats!

Great question too, I bet people will have some good tips.

I used to be very active before my TBI.  You didn't mention how old your nephew is, so it's hard to be able to recommend activities age appropriate.  I am 36 but find that gardening doesn't require a lot of concentration to do, and helps me.  I used to love to read but can't remember much of what I just read so that frustrates me.  I would recommend finding something that doesn't require too much concentration that he enjoys.  That way he is doing something that makes him happy and doesn't frustrate him.  Anxious to see what other responses come, as they may help others and myself. Thanks for the wonderful question.

great advice nutmeg!

after I started walking and talking again n was out of the hospital. I was so happy to be me again at the age of 15.my parents got me a year membership to the ymca n my caregivers would take me swimming sometimes at the indoor pool. and now im 19 & im very Interested in books.sodoku games or crossword games n puzzles work the brain n those r good to do af home just saying.Animals are very sweet and therapeutic because they have good energys maybe give him the idea of volunteering at the humane society, open up opportunities to socialism, if he doesn't wanna go there he can always pick somewhere else n go there when he wants n leave when he wants. volunteering is a confidence booster too bcuz you are helping working people have a less stressful day & more ppl will understand & learn about brain injuries if he chooses that because some will grow a friendship with him and will see his recovery improvement each time they see him.He will get compliments on it and feel even better about being social.
your welcome im glad I could help.

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